Lime pointing Wiltshire

By: admin | Posted on: May 23, 2020

A lime pointing job carried out in Warminster.

This property had a leaking gutter at the rear of the property. The leak being a long term one caused damp to penetrate internally, and cause damage to the decoration. Because of the long term damp issues, and the freeze and thaw cycles the original lime pointing had eroded away and needed to be replaced.

This was a joy when it comes to removing the old lime pointing as this was easily done. Normally when we do this it’s very time consuming because we have to remove rock hard cement pointing with hand tools only.

The lime pointing mix we use is a lime putty, with graded sands, where we try to replicate the original. The internal lime plaster didn’t need to be replaced, which kept the cost down. We installed drying equipment, this being a desiccant dehumidifier, and created a tent against the wall for targeted drying of the wall. A small amount of filling was needed after, along with a clay paint finish.

Removal of old lime pointing, and replaced with new lime putty pointing
The old pointing has been removed and being replaced with a lime putty mix. It’s important to soak the walls down prior to pointing to ensure the lime doesn’t dry back quickly, and to protect with damp hessian

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