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See how our client spent thousands on damp proofing when the previous Company failed to find the obvious defects that were the cause of the damp issues.


See in this survey how we have a different opinion of the previous damp surveyors.


Free rising damp survey….. Probably not the best option when you consider this client spent thousands, and still had the exact same issues. We were called in as they claimed the property was still drying down; when it actual fact it was still suffering from condensation, and not rising damp.


The above video shows a record number of leaks that we found on a damp survey in Wiltshire. By spending time at the property and investigating all potential causes we can then give the correct advice.


The above video shows a spectacular issue with timber floor decay because of sub floor ventilation issues. The cavity wall insulation restricted the sub floor ventilation , and caused subsequent sub floor condensation.


The above video show the ThermaTech Super Heated hot water system peeling modern paint from the wall. This system basically heats up the water up to 150 °c. We use this regularly to help remove paints that have the potential to trap in moisture, and cause subsequent damp issues.