Steve Hodgson CEO of the Property Care Association

Ross Charters has been known to me in a professional capacity for almost ten years. From our very first encounter his enthusiasm for learning and his desire to deliver the best possible service to his clients has impressed and inspired.
Over the last decade Ross has matured and developed into an extremely capable surveyor, researcher and instructor. As the owner operator of Complete Preservation Ltd, Ross continues to make considerable investments in himself and his company to satisfy his desire to learn and to build on the high quality service that validates his outstanding reputation.
Working with a person who is embracing his vocation to pursue his passions and immerse himself in his love of building pathology is a delight. Seeing that converted into high end diagnostics that inform sensible, well considered repair, maintenance and preservation strategies is an enduring example to his contemporaries.
Not long ago Ross was a person who would ring me for advice, now I call him!

Stephen Hodgson

CEO @ Property Care Association


Lyndon Smith Chartered Building Surveyor

I have worked on projects and schemes involving Ross Charters of Complete Preservation Ltd for over 10 years specifically in the areas of damp detection, diagnosis and timber preservation. The industry of damp diagnosis and remediation is an area of much misunderstanding, misinformation and malpractice often at to the detriment and sometimes considerable expense to the client who can end up with expensive inappropriate or unnecessary work being carried out. I have relied on Ross Charters to give clear, up-to-date, unambiguous, concise and accurate information, his knowledge, enthusiasm, background and expertise in these areas is considerable and from my heritage background working with English Heritage and other associations and trusts I have relied on Ross Charters to provide correct advice and recommendations for appropriate remediation. Other companies have often disappointed providing grossly inaccurate advice resulting in wrong and costly recommendations which can be costly. I have come to rely on Ross Charters to give advice, accurate diagnosis and recommendations based on use of appropriate specialist equipment, laboratory analysis, knowledge and experience enabling him to provide an accurate assessment with appropriate recommendations for intervention where other companies have failed miserably to even grasp the basics. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Ross Charters of Complete Preservation Ltd who I am certain will be able to fully investigate, understand, diagnose and offer appropriate remediation in the areas of damp diagnosis and timber preservation.

Lyndon S Smith BSc. MCIOB. MRICS.

Damp and timber decay survey for West Aston Church Wiltshire

The job in hand was to replace the small vestry wooden floor (2400mm x 2400mm) which had become unsafe; install under floor vents; install new wooden timber floor and remove plaster from walls and apply wooden cladding. Complete Preservation visited the site and provided a very comprehensive and in-depth quotation. Various moisture and damp testing was undertaken and monitoring of atmospheric changes recorded. Once the work had commenced and the old floor had been removed, it revealed rotten joists. These had to be replaced. Great patience was given when liaising with client and architect. Complete Preservation worked very sympathetically with the Grade II building and made every attempt to keep noise and dust to a minimum; plus keeping the client informed of all works being addressed and an explanation why this work was being undertaken; plus giving timescales of proposed work. Although the job proved more troublesome than initially envisaged, all criteria and specifications were met and the finished vestry was a credit to the company and to the men who worked on the task of refurbishing the room. The team worked diligently; worked in an orderly and tidy fashion; took care of their surroundings and took pride in their work. I would not hesitate to recommend Complete Preservation’s services or if the need arose, to engage them on any future work.

Jean Robertson (Church Warden)

Rising damp and dry rot survey, of West Ashton Church in Wiltshire

A damp survey including gravimetrics for Professor Nigel L Brown

“We are very satisfied with the thorough investigation of the problem of damp in our walls by Mr Hunt and Mr Charters. The issue was complex and the recommendations of potential treatments were very clear. We were given different options to pursue and a considered recommendation for action. We are sufficiently impressed with the thoroughness of the investigation and the clarity of the explanation given, that we are proceeding with the recommended action.”

Kind regards

Professor Nigel L Brown OBE FRSE FRSC FSB
Emeritus Professor of Molecular Microbiology, The University of Edinburgh;
President, The Society for General Microbiology


Geoffrey Hunt Chartered Building Surveyor 

I have worked with Ross on various cases and always refer to him for specialist advice. His practical, balanced application of a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge is a skill I value highly. He is always willing to share new technical topics and knowledge with me. His integrity and friendly manner is a breath of fresh air in a classically dogmatic and partisan field of building pathology.

Geoffrey Hunt FRICS