Our Guarantee

Some of our work specialist work can be guaranteed for 10 years.

If you would like an Insurance backed guarantee we us GPI.

An Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) is a low cost, long term insurance policy, which provides valuable protection for consumers when undertaking home improvements projects. The principle of an Insurance Backed Guarantee is to honour the terms of the written guarantee, originally issued by the installing contractor, where the contractor has ceased to trade as defined within the policy document and is therefore unable to satisfy claims against the guarantee.

Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd (GPI) is a UK based general insurer, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. With over 25 years experience GPI is a long term player in the UK Insurance Market

If a defect covered by the contractor’s original written guarantee develops and the original company has ceased to trade, a GPI insurance policy will pay for another contractor to remedy the works. In simple terms GPI insures your guarantee.

The GPI insurance policy provides insurance cover which relates to the property rather than the owner which means if you sell your property the guarantee can be passed to the new owners subject to certain conditions.

GPI can offer insurance for guarantees issued on wood-boring beetle, wood rot, rising damp, replacement wall ties and structural waterproofing.

Structural waterproofing is normally covered for a maximum of 10 years. GPI are  able to offer insurance policies for a period of 10 years, where works have been carried out by members of the PCA and have the CSSW qualification.

For more information visit www.gp-insurance.co.uk