Investigation of moisture and its effects in traditional buildings

By: admin | Posted on: November 20, 2021

A rising damp survey is all about the damp investigation. The new RICS joint damp assessment methodology, which is to be published shortly goes through the stuff I go through in this, and my other videos about eliminating root cause. This video will show you how I go about some of my damp investigations, and some of the defects I find. At the end of the video I give a little bit of advice to any homeowners, on how you can potentially start your own damp investigation. Right at the end are the graphs of the gravimetric moisture profile following the guidance in BRE DIGEST 245. I explain about these in the video, and why this is important when moving forward with repairs. Any questions drop them in the comments below and i’ll do my best to answer when I get 5 mins. Have you seen the recent joint damp assessment surveying methodology by Historic England, RICS, PCA, SPAB? Click on the link below for more details

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