Leak detection to find the cause of damp

By: admin | Posted on: August 19, 2020

I was recently contacted by a landlord to dry down a property after a leak on a new build property. There have been 2 previous plumbers that had been instructed to find the leak and rectify it. I was of the understanding they had carried out what they had been paid to do. When I visited the property to install our Corroventa drying equipment, it was obvious to me there must still be a leak as I could see water droplets on the ceiling. The ceiling seemed in pretty good condition with the possibility of being saved. I wanted to do the least amount of damage possible to keep the cost of the repairs down. By using my Sewerin leak detection equipment I found the leak, as I could hear the dripping noise ever so slightly. This isn’t something you could hear without the acoustic listening equipment. And by using a Ridgid snake camera I could actually see the leak, and dripping of the water in the ceiling void.

The leak was on the cold feed to the sink on the push fit connection.

The leak was fixed and drying equipment installed. The Corroventa drying equipment is controlled by SuperVision, which also offers real time data logging. This equipment is worth it’s weight in gold during the hot weather as I could turn off the system if it became too hot in the property, or the tennant wanted it switched off at night. I also set high threshold alarms to alert me of high temperatures within the property.

If you have a leak or a damp issues give us a shout.