Flood restoration Wiltshire

By: admin | Posted on: September 8, 2020

A leak was noted to be coming through the ceiling of the flat above, and luckily most of the water could be drained into the wet room without damaging the floor coverings in the property.

I drained the ceiling of excess water, and then started the drying of the property. By using the Corroventa desiccant dehumidifier I could target dry the ceilings and above flooring without that much disruption. By getting the drying equipment installed within a couple of hours this then eliminated any secondary damage of mould occurring. If you need help with drying a building from a flood or leak, trace and locate, trace and access, or leak detection give us a shout.

Leak detection to find the cause of damp

By: admin | Posted on: August 19, 2020

I was recently contacted by a landlord to dry down a property after a leak on a new build property. There have been 2 previous plumbers that had been instructed to find the leak and rectify it. I was of the understanding they had carried out what they had been paid to do. When I visited the property to install our Corroventa drying equipment, it was obvious to me there must still be a leak as I could see water droplets on the ceiling. The ceiling seemed in pretty good condition with the possibility of being saved. I wanted to do the least amount of damage possible to keep the cost of the repairs down. By using my Sewerin leak detection equipment I found the leak, as I could hear the dripping noise ever so slightly. This isn’t something you could hear without the acoustic listening equipment. And by using a Ridgid snake camera I could actually see the leak, and dripping of the water in the ceiling void.

The leak was on the cold feed to the sink on the push fit connection.

The leak was fixed and drying equipment installed. The Corroventa drying equipment is controlled by SuperVision, which also offers real time data logging. This equipment is worth it’s weight in gold during the hot weather as I could turn off the system if it became too hot in the property, or the tennant wanted it switched off at night. I also set high threshold alarms to alert me of high temperatures within the property.

If you have a leak or a damp issues give us a shout.

Flood restoration

By: admin | Posted on: January 7, 2020

As you can imagine when there has been an escape of water, or a flood at your property it can be very upsetting for the whole family. Sometimes people have forgot to pay the insurance premium, or for some reason the insurance won’t pay out. Sometimes the insurers will just pay flat rate for drying equipment to a specialist drying company, which means they will put the cheapest kit into dry the property, which i’ve known to take months.

Where does Complete Preservations service differ?

Well we use the Corroventa ESX range which is well known to be the leading Company when it comes to drying equipment. The days of huge refrigerant dehumidifiers, and air blowers trying to evaporate and capture moisture for weeks on end are over. The system we use is a tented desiccant system, which basically means we tent the area off with plastic sheeting as tight to the floor or wall as possible to reduce the actual area in size. So instead of drying the whole room, were just drying the wall, or floor that is wet. The system we use also comes with real time data loggers where we can control the dehumidifiers remotely from our office etc, or even our mobile phone. The insurance company can also be a guest on the system so they can see how the area in question is drying down, which is a completely transparent service. The below picture shows the Corroventa desiccant with a 50mm pipe blowing warm dry air into the plastic sheeting covering the kitchen floor where a leak occurred because of a defective cold feed.

The below pictures shows the plastic sheeting that is essentially reducing the size of the area thats being dried. This is the tenting off, over the concrete floor.

We normally dry buildings down on a fixed price. This means we want to get it dry as fast as we can to get you back into your property ASAP.

Have you been told you need to move out of the property whilst the drying is being carried out? Can you not put up with the constant noise of the fans and dehumidifiers? With our systems in place you can still live in the property most of the time. Even if the floor needs to be dried we can lay ply floor boards over the floor, and as long as there is a small gap we can use this to dry your floor. Perhaps this doesn’t seem ideal, but many people choose this over moving into a hotel or temporary accommodation. Our drying equipment is very quiet, we also have quiet modes that slow the desiccant down, and we can even set it be quiet at certain times like night time when you need some sleep.

If you need help with getting your house dried down fast give us a shout.