By: admin | Posted on: July 10, 2021

Do you need more sub floor floor ventilation? Have you had a recent damp and imber survey, and told you need more sub floor ventilation? Have you got a dry rot issue, or wet rot issue within your suspended timber floor?

Often it is recommended that more sub floor ventilation is installed to perhaps lower the moisture issues within a suspended timber floor void. More sub floor ventilation is also recommended if issues with fungal decay is also present.

It isn’t unusual for people to have spent a considerable sum on rot repairs to the floor, and still have issues with a rotten floor a few years later.

Drains and mains leaks are a common cause of excess moisture that often tips the balance, and subsequently causes timber decay. If you wish to have a professional survey that eliminates root cause , this is where I can help you if needed.

More sub floor ventilation will not fix this issue. Before thinking about how to install more sub floor ventilation to ventilate your suspended timber floor, it would be prudent to ensure no drainage issues are the cause of the excess moisture within the floor.