Masonry paint removal survey

Modern masonry paint on traditional solid wall buildings built with breathable materials can cause issues with damp.

Years ago when modern masonry paint was removed from buildings, often sand blasting was carried out which then subsequently damaged the fired edge of the brick which, could cause further issues. Messy dangerous chemical peels have also been used in the past. Now we use the ThermaTech Super heated hot water system which is a patented system to remove paint from the building fabric. This is done by heating the water in the boiler, and this along with a specialist lance is used topple this paint away from the masonry.

This is a before picture with modern masonry paint trapping in moisture
This shows the building after the masonry paint was removed along with new lime pointing. This is a stunning transformation, that adds value to any property

If you advice, and test removal panels carried out for a project, or your own your house, give us a shout.

The link below to our video gallery shows a thermal imaging video of us removing modern masonry paint and bitumen paint.