I have been carrying out drain surveys now for around 8 years when I first invested in the 20m Ridgid SeaSnake camera. I still have this camera, but it is really suited for smaller waste pipes and also getting into sub floor voids and dropping into vertical voids etc. I have also invested in the Ridgid Compact 2 CCTV camera, which is brilliant for the domestic drain surveys that I carry out. This camera takes excellent pictures along with great video footage for our clients to view any drain defects. I have identified long term rising damp issues with this equipment where other building surveyors have failed, and this is simply because they don’t have the equipment to actually inspect the drains. I can also mark out the exact location of any defects in the pipe for potential repairs, as our drain camera has a sonde, and I also have a Ridgid SR 20 locator. I also use the latest Ridgid Flexshaft drain cleaning equipment to remove any scale build up and root ingress, along with our Ridgid drain jetting equipment.

Please see some of our drain surveys on this YouTube playlistwhere I have identified the actual cause of the rising damp.

Obviously our damp surveys are not free because of the level of investigation we offer, and the costs of our surveying equipment. Feel free to contact Ross Charters, to discuss any damp issues you have, and to go through what we can offer in regards to a damp survey, and potential survey costs to get your damp issue diagnosed correctly first time