Camera Surveys

Complete Preservation have a wide range of camera services that can inspect drains, into the cavitys of walls to inspect wall ties and bridging dampness, and voids under floors and roofs whether searching for dry rot or beetle infestations. These cameras range in length from 300mm to 30 metres and 6mm in width up to 22mm, so its fair to say we have a camera that can do everything. We use our 6mm camera for pre-purchase surveys to inspect sub floors for timber decay and woodworm infestations, we do this by using the existing sub floor ventilation air bricks as our access point. We can take pictures of the decay and woodworm infestation that can be included into the report. This is the only way to carry out a non destructive survey on a timber floor especially if the floor has a laminate floor covering. We also offer remote void camera recording of restricted access areas, we can produce pictures and videos of events. We have a radio controlled buggy which can take pictures and videos, this is normally used in roof spaces with weak lath and plaster ceilings on listed buildings and sub floor voids with restricted access. We also offer roof surveys with our telescopic camera system, we can produce videos or pictures, this can be used for pre-purchase surveys or predictive maintenance of buildings.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Our surveyor has trained with Flir Systems the world leaders in Thermal Imaging and has passed and completed the Introduction to Building Thermography, he is also a certified level 1 Thermographer. Thermal imaging surveys allow you to see exactly what is going on by the different temperature variations. This is a non destructive inspection which can detect leaks, leaking flat roof problems, condensation cold spots and general dampness in the walls. This inspection can save hours of wasted time and sometimes thousands of pounds of destructive works. We look after many large listed buildings like Bath Abbey and Devizes Castle where we carry out predictive maintenance surveys using thermal imaging, as we say prevention is better than cure and also cheaper!


We have our own laboratory equipment, so we can carry out gravimetric-oven dry testing to BRE Digest 245 to prove if a damp course is working or if you have rising damp problem. We can also use this if you are having trouble as to where the damp is coming from, we can determine if its salt damp or free moisture. We can also test for hygroscopic salts in the plaster, all of this can give conclusive quantitative results. This service is also used if there is a dispute with your damp proofing contractor and you need an independent damp specialist survey-report. Complete Preservation are 1 of only 5 companies in the UK that offer this service. Here is a blog post explaining the process   


We use specialist poultices to remove hygroscopic salts because of long term rising dampness, this is mainly where a lime plaster is to be used. We use this to try and minimise hygroscopic salt contamination coming through to the finish of newly applied lime plaster.

Data logging of the internal Environment

This is normally used when there is a dispute between a landlord and tenant when there is condensation and mould problems, we produce graphs showing what is actually going on internally in the building. These graphs can also show the differential vapour pressures between external and internal, they can also show if the temperature was increased what the relative humidity would be (lower), proving that the heating isn't being used. If your part of a housing association and need advice with tenants that have mould and condensation problems contact us and we can give you a CPD in what we can offer you.

Insurance Repairs

We regularly carry our insurance repairs direct for the insurance company or for the homeowner.

Please contact us if you need a property dried down if it has flooded, or you need to hire drying equipment.Complete Preservation are trained professionals and can guide you through the process from the initial survey, repairs to the choice of paint for your final decoration.